Tuesday, March 30, 2010

UCLA Orthodontists

It's 10 am and I'm sitting with several pairs of hands in my mouth. There are 3-5 people standing over me, and they're arguing with each other in korean. I have no idea what's going on. This is an accurate depiction of my routine visits to UCLA Ortho to get my crazy lock-jaw fixed. They say I am a rare case, students talk in hushed tones behind the professor. UCLA is great and they're all geniuses, but you definitely feel like you're in a scene from Blade Runner.


Ty Carter said...

hahahaha dude, I'm sorry to hear the lock jaw is still going on. That's no fun.

When are you coming to visit? Provo is a happening place you know:)

brian brantley said...

Sweet drawing man

Last Chance to Exit said...

Dude I love the silhouette thing you have going on the dentist. Super awesome. Sorry about your lockjaw! I feel your pain, man.